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19 Drafts and counting…

An entire year spent without writing a single word, a single blog and reading just 2 books. That is the grand description of my 2017 in one sentence.

Book 1- We’re going to need more Wine by Gabriel Union

Book 2- Courage is contagious edited by Nick Haramis.

Last year I started the year in Las Vegas, traveled to London for a wedding, Travel to Texas (Dallas) for a work summit, visit San Francisco and drive down to Sonoma and Napa for the weekend and close out the year with some Jamaican popular destinations sites.

I wouldn’t say not writing was detrimental but I will say not doing it for that long a period had the same effect of not sharpening a knife for a long time and cutting into a tomato. You would need to poke it first to get any effect/result.

So, for this year (Yes I know, 5 months In) I shall continue to write. I will clear my drafts, I will bless you all with some Game of Thrones deliciousness right before we go into the final FINAL season aaaaand- I will do pictures.

…18 drafts and counting down 🙂

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  1. It sounds like you replaced reading and writing with travelling. You had quite a year! Do any of your 18 drafts include memoires from your travels?

    1. Hey Andre 🙂 Been a minute. I would love to say Yes but unless we’re including drafts started while sipping a smooth Malbec at Sebatiani’s in Napa- then No. lol

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