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A Deeper Love Inside: Sister Soulja

This book had me feeling all different kind of ways. One minute I was as angry as hell next I’ve got tears streaming down my face then next I’m like, what the hell am I reading. My biggest WTF moment had to be when I realized that this little girl had multiple Personality disorder. At first I felt sorry for her but then I realized this is her coping mechanism and it worked very well for her without harming anyone else so, that was even a little remarkable.


Smart, strong willed and quick witted Porche Santiaga the middle child of Ricky Santiaga and little sister of Winter is determined to make something better of herself than living in group homes and juvenile detention after her family was torn apart. A natural born hustler, she schemed a way to escape with the sole motivation to lift her family back to the status to where they belong. That of a wealthy family with a Long Island address with the cars, class and attitude to match.  The reality that faced her after her escape from juvvy did nothing to deter her dream but as much as the fight and as hard as she cried some things cannot be reclaimed. 


Being written from a 10 year old point of view (she aged as the book progressed) the novel was not believable in many instances. I totally get it that Soulja wanted to capture the voice of Porche as she had done with Winter but an adolescence doing all those things from her stay in juvy and then living on the street and growing up under the shop with her druggie mother is a far stretch of the imagination for me. They way everything come to in the end had me feeling particularly good though, kinda like the feeling I would get after reading one of my trashy romance novel which ends in the couple declaring their undying love for each other and you can just envision the happily ever after. I really didn’t mind that as much as I thought in hindsight.  This book read mostly like a fantasy because of the extraordinary powers Soulja allows these children to have. Life in lock-down, the escape to Nanna Anna, The street hustles, mostly every experience of Porche reads like a fantasy so much so that at the end of the book  I found myself thinking whether all of that happened or whether it was all in her head and she was still at a psychiatric  ward somewhere day-dreaming. It would be sheer brilliance if that was what Soulja was going for (Mind Blown).  Fool us readers into believing Porche is actually living the story we read about when she was actually a nut case somewhere with a helluva imagination. I mean, Siri had you fooled as well huh?

When did you found out the truth about Siri?