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ATTACHMENTS- Rainbow Rowell

This is a an endearing GEM. you’ll find yourself smiling goofily in many instances and laughing out loud to the girls dry humor on many occasions.


Beth Freeman and Jennifer Scribner-Snyder work for a Newspaper on the cusp on the millennium, (yes, we’re talking December 1999) who is making preparations of changing to digital and ushering in the great computer age. Both ladies know the work email is being monitored (having received and signed company memo) but cannot seem to stop themselves from discussing personal matters ranging from from Jennifer’s husband and the state of her marriage to just about anything Beth can muster up to produce a laugh, including her ring-less relationship with longtime gorgeous rocker and band leader boyfriend.

Enter Lincoln O’Neill a serial student (you know, those people who could go to school forever) who lives with his mom and generally unhappy about his job of monitoring some company’s emails, that is until he comes across the back of forth emails between Jen and Beth. He knows that he should stop reading their emails cause you know, privacy and all, only problem is, its now his reason for existing and furthermore how can he stop reading the emails, how else will he know how the love of his life spend her weekends. Falling in love with Beth became his epiphany; Realizing just how wrong snooping in other people’s email is but, how will he communicate this to her without seeming like the creep he is?


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I’m deliberately keeping this light, just cause—GO read the book!

I loved reading this book. Its a witty, greatly written romantic comedy and Rowell was able to achieve what many author struggle to achieve, FUN READING.  Three people in their twenties in an average job discussing daily activities is just so relatable(when will oxford or whoever make this a word–seriously) that readers will find themselves falling in love just about the same time Lincoln realizes that he is.

This contemporary love story is so charming and sweet. Lincoln is the most laid-back character i have ever encountered which allow the reader to root for him even though what he is doing is totally creepy if your place yourself in that situation. 



I would recommend this book to any and everyone