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BARED TO YOU- Sylvia Day

When I saw Sylvia Day’s Bared to you on the New York Times bestseller lists (where I usually select new titles) I was very excited. Coming off my recent high from reading El James’ Fifty Shades series and not knowing what to do with myself until the movie, I thought Bared to you would more than likely satisfy my need for some steamy BDSM action. I was misled.


Basically, Eva Tramell, daughter of a rich socialite who wants to get by off her own money collided into the magnetic Gideon Cross on her first day of her 9-5 and ever since unable to get him out of her mind. Gideon turned out to be the owner of the building she works in (and owner of half the city) and knows he is God’s gift to women and then some. They were thrown together once again in the elevator where Gideon tells Eva pointedly that he wants to f**k her and Eva more or less told him to drop dead. Though Gideon is an alpha male and usually gets what he wants Eva is no wilted rose either. The powerful attraction they feel towards each other eventually brings them together in one of the hottest sex scenes ever written. You would think everybody live happily ever after that right? Nope. The sex is just the beginning which slowly reveals Eva’s tumultuous past of sexual abuse. Things get even more interesting when we find out that Gideon also has some type of abuse in his past as well. At the risk of revealing too much (for those who haven’t read the book as yet) I will only say that these two therapy going people are so messed up in the head its a wonder this relationship gets past one episode of hot after gym coitus.

bared and fifty

Cross VS Grey. Eva VS Anna

“Inky black hair framed a breathtaking face. His bone structure would make a sculptor weep with joy, while a firmly etched mouth, a blade of a nose, and intensely blue eyes made him savagely gorgeous.”

Substituting ‘blue eyes’ with Gray, this could have easily been Anna describing Christian in her virginal sickening naivety. That is as far as similarities between Ana and Eva goes. Ana was a virgin, Eva is a sexually promiscuous once addict who is on the verge of relapse thanks to Gideon’s triggers from his yet to be revealed messed up past. Gideon and Christian are both mega rich with equally mega controlling personalities with the need to dominate. Whereas Christian was unable to express to Anna how he felt about her until he ‘lost’ her, Gideon knew and expressed right away how he felt about Eva/ Angel (his nickname for her)

bared gideons words

These lines and lines like these delivered ever so often throughout the book is usually where I stop and deliver that dramatic sigh which expands the diaphragm to the max and usually ends with me looking skywards at that non-existence rich playboy lover that I think I have.


There are so many layers to these characters that one simply does not read one book in the sequel and call it a day. like, what the hell happened to Gideon and why is his nightmares Eva’s reality?

Soooo in short people- Bared to you is about –alpha male and rich-trying-to-make-it-on-her-own girl with less than perfect, albeit messed up past.

BDSM? NO! you will not find that here.  If you’re looking for that type action, best to stick with El James Fifty shades trilogy.

see also book 2. Reflected in you for even more complex character development, lunch time office sex and whiplash induced emotions (you know-if you’re into those sorta things)