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Beautiful Bastard/ Beautiful Stranger- Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard

A beautiful Intern and and Asshole boss makes for a very fiery, witty and intense interaction whenever they happen to be in the same room.

Chloe Mills had everything worked out;  finishing her MBA with this internship under her belt  and moving on to a high powered job there was only one wrench in her great plan, her beautiful, inconsiderate boss Ryan Bennett. The perfectionist –and a  little anal–Ryan return from France to head the family business but what he did not anticipate was how   totally gorgeous, and innocently provocative his assistant would be. To top it off the woman was infuriating which result in verbal clashes almost every time they were in the same space. Despite his rule of never dating the employee he find that Chloe is simply irresistible and the feeling is purely mutual. as they move forward they have to decide whether an office romance filled with so much passion is possible or will it burn itself out. eventually.

Beautiful Stranger

Max Stella Loves women, he has just never find one that he wants to keep around, until Sarah

Picking up from where Beautiful Bastard left off, the book continues with Sara, best friend to Chloe Mills moving back to New York after a her ex-fiance humiliated her with his cheating ways. Determined to put the past behind her, Sara while out celebrating Chloe’s engagement decide to prove to herself that she can be fun and carefree as she hooked up with a sexy Brit at in the Club with no intentions of ever seeing him again.  Max Stella is used to his beautiful share of women but not until Sara did he want to it to be just that ‘one woman’ . Can Sara move pass the hurt of a cheating ex to be with a known playboy without getting her heart broken again? apparently she can as they participate on a no-string-attached, wild, picture taking sex filled with passion and a thank you upon completion. Until someone wanted more. 

I love both of these books however I was not that impressed with Beautiful Bastard as the writing at times was frustrating. The sex was right up my alley of romance/erotica though. I’m not sure if Sara/Max did it more for me than Chloe/Ryan all i’ll say though is that a guy with an accent get s panties wet faster.