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daario naaris



This man is so awesome and so damn sexy that he deserves a post for himself. Yes, I’m the girl who swoons over characters in books and reading book 3- A Storm of Swords and being introduced to Daaris was no exception. As my fellow Jamaicans would say (mi skin ketch a fire). He’s definitely not the typical barf type romance novel, alpha male, oh no, this man is a warrior and very ruff tuff.  But (yes, i start a sentence with but)  at the same time so sexy in mannerism that at one point I picture myself over there in Meereen doing whatever he ask me to do.

I count no day as lived unless I have loved a woman, slain a foeman, and eaten a fine meal

Daario was introduced in A Storm Of Sword (A song of ice and fire Book 3) to Daenerys Targaryen(in this blog she will be called Dany from now on) as a one of the captain of the Stormcrows . A group of mercenaries she wish to make a part of her growing army. The stormcrows are a company of freedmen who fight on contract. No amount of Gold and plunder that Dany offered however could sway them to her side. How did she do it you ask? with sex appeal of course. Daario became taken with Dany and killed his fellow captains and thus brought the Stormcrows over to her side.

With the help of the Stormcrows Dany was able to capture Meereen and proceed to free the slaves. Daario resurfaced in A Dance with Dragon (A song of Fire and Ice Book 5) when he was summoned by Dany to go on a mission as an ambassador to open up the trade routes between Lhazar and Meereen. However, it’s not until he returned did things heat up between himself and the Queen.

Dany fell hard for Daario. Well I think she kinda fell for him that first time they met in a Storm of Swords (see season 3 episode 8, second sons on HBO) to catch the chemistry on-screen. Being the Queen of the free people however and Daario being a badass soldier she couldn’t just up and marry the guy, so they became lovers. This went on for a while and provided some much-needed sex and steam in book 5. and of course with lots of sex somebody will soon catch some feelings.

Her love for Daario is poison. A slower poison than the locusts, but in the end as deadly Barristan Selmy

The tone of the book allows the reader to realise that pretty soon this would end (nothing or no one is permanently happy in a Song of ice and fire series). Peace could not be had in Meereen and so it was suggested that Dany should marry Hizdahr Zo Loraq who is a type of big whig in Meereen to win over his people and stop the killings that had become rampant in the city. Daario had an even better suggestion, he said, ok go ahead and marry, but at the wedding feast when all Meereen’s nobles are gathered in one room, let us slay all of them (kinda like ‘the Red wedding in book 3 A Storm of Swords). Dany, being the mother of dragons, the liberator of slaves disagreed outright at which point the bad-tempered Daario left the city and was soon captured by the Yunkaii.

soo, here I am Waiting patiently on Mr R.R Martin to see if this warrior will make an appearance in The Winds of winter..