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Digital Fortress- Dan Brown

I’m sure how I feel about this Dan Brown thriller. The book is a technological thriller and it reads like one down to last minute when the computer system crashed. Its not one of my favourite but it did stay true to form of what Brown is known for which is loads of research and uneccesary infomoration diverting from the main plot. Bombarding unsuspecting readers with overload of stuff no one really cares about.


When Susan Fletcher receive that call to come in on a saturday to work she knew that something was definitely up. what she discovered? the NSA’s ‘invincible’ code breaking machine is unable to break a code; something that is unheard of in all her years of working on the team. Working tirelessly on a time sensitive code which could cripple all of the American US intelligence if not stopped in time and  as Fletcher race to decrypt the code she uncovers secrets that could force her to rejects all she once believed about the agency. feeling betrayed and not knowing who to trust while to clock continously approach cyber detonation, Susan find herself not only fighting for country but also for her life and the life of the man she loves.

If youre not interested in the techy stuff or have no stomach for the stuff dont even bother with this book. I was not impressed but neither was I disappointed.