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Dodge the Bullet- Christy Hay

Being sick and home for days recovering, I needed something light to pass the time without allowing me to think and hurt my head. I picked the perfect book.  Dodge the bullet is exactly one of those books to pass the time and make you smile in the end and turn over, go to sleep feeling like all is once again safe and good in the world.

dodge the bullet


so, Dodge is actually the name of the guy that did the rescuing in the book. lol. Yes, I’m stunned too. Not really. The protagonist; Sarah is a newly widowed hot mama with adolescent boys and prime real estate that some slick developers are trying to swipe for a cheap buck. Sarah is no wilting flower and Dodge having made himself protector when she road into town is not about to allow that to happen.  In the midst of fighting for the land and keeping her family afloat, Sarah became predictably drawn to Dodge even when the entire town is warning her against it.


It one of those Trashy romance that you take to the beach or read to settle your mind before bed. If that’s all you’re looking for, then by all means, go for it.

RATINGS: 5.5/10