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Ender’s Game (1985) Orson scott Card- ‘The enemy’s gate is open’

enders book

I’m not big on science fiction, actually anything that doesn’t have romance is basically dead to me, this book however got me spellbound from the very first page. This review will not be filled with sci fi mumbo jumbo, if you’re looking for that you can probably stop reading from now.



So basically an arm of the government (International Fleet, IF) is breeding a super smart crop of children in hopes that at least one of them will become the new leader of the out of space army made to defeat the aptly named insect-like Alien species, Buggers.  Enter Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggin, a genius amongst other genius children and ‘A Third’ (the book will tell u what this means when u read it- no spoilers here).  Now, Ender was born (genetically controlled) to be a brilliant alien killing commander of the Government”s fleet, only problem is, this boy is as pure as they come.  To prepare for the imminent battle, the government had Ender sent to an orbiting battle school in another galaxy and later Command school where with the use of Games simulated to look like the actual alien invasion he was trained for that day when the real thing must be done.


Battle School


Individual Human beings are all tools that the others use to help us all survive.

yea, yea yea, its all star treky, geek people sorta a thing, but hold up, there is a lot more to this story than just the average sci fi loving fantasy world. Battle school was where Ender did most of his growing up and where he met other boy and girl geniuses just like himself, however he was always just a little bit better than they are. These Children are between the ages of 6 and 14 and thinks like 50/60 year old college professors. The real ‘tug on the heart’ is present however every time Ender misses his sister or just happen to think what would really happen if he just throws a tantrum and stays in bed. Well–the earth will be destroyed for one, and secondly everyone would blame this 6 year old for allowing that to happen.

Nobody controls his own life, Ender. The best you can do is choose to be controlled by good people, by people who love you.


These people work these children like warriors-some goes crazy. Ender is pushed to the brink of insanity in order to prepare him as the top commander that will lead the star fleet against the buggers.

Maybe knowing about the craziness means you don’t have to fall for it

Ender’s Family

and just in case you’re wondering, yes, Ender does have a family, one that is just as interesting as he is.  His sister Valentine is a sweetheart and his brother Peter is an Adolf Hitler in the making (you’ll see why). Both siblings are also geniuses.  Peter is a sadist who will later create the internet persona, Locke, in his grand scheme to take over the world after the invasion and things die down. Valentine is the mother of reasoning and and is a kind of the balance between Peter and Ender. Ender’s greatest fear is becoming his brother  and so Valentine is always there bringing him back by emphasizing his goodness .


Mazer Rackman


Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man stupid and blind in the eyes.

This was the first and only joke I got from the entire book  -____-  and from all the people- Mazer who, is by far the most serious of all the characters present.  Former commander of IF and the only person to have destroyed the Buggers during the 1st and 2nd invasion, Mazer is mostly mythical throughout most of the novel.  I will only say this (no spoilers and all) he played the pivotal role in getting Ender ready for the final battle with the Buggers.

This book is a gamer and sci fiction addict dream come true.  I mean who wouldn’t want to spend their days playing games in preparation to kick some alien butt.

At the end of the book I had the biggest WT F moment. Not that it did not end well, I was just so caught up in the story that I honestly did not want it to end.

The movie is due out November 2013 and for the sake of the fans, I really do hope they get the ending right!

see trailer here:

RATING: 9/10