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Finnick Odair- Character sketch (Catching Fire-Suzanne collins)

catching fire revolution


I anticipated the casting of Finnick Odair the moment he was introduced to me in Catching Fire. He is gorgeous with crazy sex appeal. He is described to be Tall, muscular and athletic. He is gorgeously tanned as most people from the fishing district 4 usually are and has ‘incredible’ sea green eyes. Yes ladies, go watch the movie adaptation just for this guy, the casting agent got it right.

Catching Fire

Finnick was not introduced until after the reaping for the 3rd quarter Quell which is a made up of past victors. Katniss and Peeta included. Mentions were made of him noticeably that he was one of the youngest tributes to win, he won at the age of 14,  and that his weapon of choice was the trident and a net.


finnick odair


Finnick plays the role a playboy. Sexy and cocky and seemingly using this weapon to get whatever he desires. Initially viewed with suspicion and as the enemy by Katniss, she later changed her mind when he provided CPR to Peeta after his heart stopped in the Cornucopia. He then starts the 3rd quarter quell by killing the District 5 male tribute and becoming allies with Katniss and Peeta. The deal was to save Peeta without him knowing it.

“Finnick never wanted for anything [in the arena], not food or medicine or weapons. […] When he received a silver parachute with a trident – which may be the most expensive gift I’ve ever seen given in the arena – it was all over.

finnick and katniss

I mean, c’mon, if I were that gorgeous I wouldnt try either. It was later reveal however that being handsome can also be a curse. The reader is left to wonder if this was all a show. Haymitch drank himself half to death and Finnick indulges in the extravagance of the Capitol.

After the 3rd quarter quell he was proven to be not only a great warrior but a loyal, loving and romantic person. He was in love and the reader get to see Finnick in a very different light with Annie. His sadness, his pain, his joy and the real person behind all the hype and heightened sexuality.

By the time we pull ourselves together, I’m thinking that maybe Finnick Odair is all right. At least not as vain or self-important as I’d thought. Not so bad at all, really.”

at the end of Catching fire he is seriously depressed. Not only was Annie missing after he was pulled from the quater quell but he went through the pain of wacthing his mentor die. His character seriously evolved into something so much deeper from the jovial playboy we met at the start of  novel. His acts of selflessness make Finnick an instant favourite with fans. He is not unlike Katniss with the sacrifices he makes for fellow victors and the people he loves.


>>>>>>SPOILER AHEAD>>>>>

Finnick in Mockingjay (If youre interested)

His mental strength was tested to the limit with the capture and torture of Annie by the Capitol a little after the 3rd Quarter Quell. Finnick was reduced to just a shell of himself as he developed a mental disorder and found it difficult to go on.

After Annie’s rescue by a team led by Peeta, Finnick marries her, and she gives birth to a son. Finnick then joins Squad 451 whose members were sent to infiltrate the Capitol and assassinate president Snow. He is later killed on his mission to President Snow’s mansion after being decapitated by mutts from the Capitol specially designed to kill Katniss.