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Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

One word (Mind-Blown)

“Nick is like a good stiff drink: He gives everything the correct perspective. Not a different perspective, the correct perspective.”

I put off reading this book for a long time thinking that it would have been another book about some missing person found later by loving husband happily ever after yaadi blah bah.  I was so dead wrong.  These are the craziest characters I’ve ever met (trust me, I’ve met plenty).  No two people ever deserve each other like these two. The ending was perfect.


When Nick and Amy Dunne left New York for the small quiet river town in Missouri is should have been an opportunity to mend a dying marriage, a new beginning so to speak instead it was the beginning of a nightmare.  Nick walked in the day of their anniversary and found his wife GONE.  Amy disappeared in what appeared to be foal play and Nick, The husband became the suspect number 1. What followed next is piecing together of clues left behind by Amy and what Nick discovered shattered his very existence but in a way cemented what he had already known about his wife. Deep down inside. He marry a complete psycho bitch.


The writing style is very expressive and at moment it felt as if Flynn literally wanted to paint you a picture from the bustling New York Lifestyle to the quiet, unhurried pace of the River state inhabitants.

“It was the best time of day, the July sky cloudless, the slowly setting sun a spotlight on the east, turning everything golden and lush, a Flemish painting.”

I felt as if i was in the moment, a part of the search party for Amy Dunne and when the second chapter of the book rolled around I felt genuine surprise at the plot twist and mentally gave Flynn a slow clap for her genius.  i seriously encourage the reading of this book before the movie. God knows what they gonna do with that. 


The movie is out October 13,2014…cant wait to see how exactly they captured all the crazy!!!!