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I’ll Come Back for You- Charish Reid

I don’t go out of my way to spook myself if I can help it but when Charish tweeted that her next book is a Thriller/SpookFest or what us Jamaicans call a (Duppy Story) I knew I could not pass it up. Charish is a boss writer for one and  2; maybe a little adrenaline is just what I need in these low-energy days. I must say, I was thoroughly delighted; the suspense, the vivid descriptions, thaaaa romance… oh yes.



Sisters Whitney and Helen Beck inherit a cozy B&B from their late grandmother which just happens to be….wait for it….haunted. Ghosts are literally chasing guests away and doing all sorts of shenanigans, sometimes in broad daylight too. You’d think they’d sell it right? nope! Helen thought it would be a great idea to call in some ghostbusters instead. This is where it got more interesting, the ghost-busting crew Helen seeks for help (unbeknownst to her) is totally fake so when a real ghost shows up what you think gonna happen? In addition, that hunky man behind the camera was Whitney’s crush back in high school and those flames are rekindling in these haunted rooms baby. Let’s just say the ghosts weren’t the only ones getting in on some action in that mansion.



I love a lot of things about this book even though I’m not a huge thriller reader. Firstly, the writing is on point. The buildup for certain scenes where you know something frightening is about to happen is insane. I was in bed reading in the night and had to get up and turn on my light. lol

Secondly; love the theme of Family (grandmother, daughter, sister) throughout the book. There’s just something so wholesome, in the sister’s interactions especially, that will make you smile when reading and that Grandmere was pretty impressive too.

Thirdly; Steamy!!! Charish,  I love how you write those sex scenes girl. Give us all the juice. Spook us then treat us. Yasss!!!


I highly recommend pre-ordering this book (Out March 25th, 2022) and while you’re on \Amazon or wherever you purchase books,  go order all of Charish Reid’s other books;

The Write Escape, Hearts on Hold, and (Trust) Falling for you


Thanks to the author for content warnings; I will also add them here so you can make an informed decision before embarking on this adventure;

  • Death of relative
  • natural disaster trauma resulting in PTSD
  • Alcohol use
  • Brief mention of blood
  • consensual sex scenes