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Love Triangle- Three sides to the story- Brenda Barrett


This was my first Jamaican novella of this nature. Based in Mandeville, (The capital Parish of Manchester) the protagonists trapped himself between two women, his wife, and sweetheart and only after the fact did he realize that he indeed loves his wife and cannot imagine what his life would be without her. This was an easy read from start to finish with a very shallow plot that I thought had infinitely more potential.


George, a minister in the church, only intention was to have a fling with the sweet sexy girl in his office without of course his wife finding out. Never could he have imagined something that started out so simple as a ride home, would’ve turned into something so life-changing. Karen thought George was so handsome and different from all the men she has dated or seen out there, the only problem was George was married, but when did that ever stop anyone. Karen is fooled into what every side-chick believe, ‘he will leave her for me and marry me’. this line of thinking was what complicate matters for Karen in ways that she did not bargain for.  Then there is Marie, the wife.  Marie who one day while standing at the bus stop in the rain suddenly figured out that her husband of umpteenth years was cheating on her. Three lives are uprooted and affected in a tremendous way by one man’s infidelity.

As the Title suggests, Barrett allows all three characters to tell their side of the story. the reader is able to form their own opinion of the characters and see why the made the decisions in a very difficult situation. One can’t help but sympathize with George in some instances even if he is a lying cheating, adulterous SOB.  At the end of the Novel I was asking myself, If I was Marie or Karen, would I have handled this in the same way? I don’t know, maybe in my case. somebody would have to die, and it wouldn’t be me

Read this book on a long journey, maybe a road trip or on one of those lazy Sundays. It’s a novella, so its short enough to take you through the long journey or pass the Sunday morning pleasantly.