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The Silver Linings Playbook- Matthew Quick

“I believe in happy endings,”

Anyone who thinks that in any situation there is always going to be a happily ever after and if there isn’t then the story is still being written, can definitely relate to the protagonist Pat Peoples in this novel.

In a ‘Nut’shell

Pat peoples is just released from a mental institution where he was put away for a prolonged period of time with no recollection as to why he was sent there. Upon his release no one will speak to him about events that happened while he was away or about his wife Nikki. Pat believes that he is still married and therefore he should use this ‘away time (time spent away from Nikki) to become physically fit and emotionally literate. The only problem with this plan is that no one will talk about Nikki or even events leading up to his time in the looney bin. His father will not even speak to him unless the football game is on, his mother cries almost all the time when she looks at him and his therapist encourages him to date Tiffany who like Pat is one episode away from a bad day.

An Infinite Amount of Days Until My Inevitable Reunion with Nikki

The whole book is about Pat making himself into a better  husband (with daily jogs/exercise and kindly gestures to everyone) for the day he eventually gets to reunite with his wife Nikki.  (SPOILER ALERT) this does not/will never happen.

The story is beautifully told in the first person narrative by Pat. This is  Matthew Quick’s first attempt at a novel and one that is well worthy of literary praises.   Portions of the book was chuckle worthy to me- others may think I have a sick sense of humor for thinking so since any type of mental illness is not funny. Anyways I found it ridiculously funny that Pat’s nemesis is Kenny G. With just a note from the saxophonist Pat breaks down and his silver lining disappears in the blink of an eye (you will realize why in the grand finale of things later in the novel).

Along Came Tiffany

On his journey to mental recovery Pat is introduced to the lovely Tiffany who has issues herself but who is determined to help pat find his silver lining. To do this Tiffany offered to do something for him and in return all he had to do was dance with her. Now, The dance was by far my fave part in the book and more so when the choice of song was revealed. I will not say the name of the song here since the revelation of the song title was a high point in the book. What I can say though is that the song was a metaphor Which signifies Pat and Tiffany’s daily struggles with mental issues.

silver lining bad place

All in all Pat is a very likable character, endearing even.  I for one is all about happy endings and kissing in the rain with theme song endings. A lot of us are very much like Pat without even knowing it. Its called, being positive.

RATING: 8/10