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Kiss Heaven Goodbye/ Private Lives- Tasmina Perry

Hey Guys,

I know I’ve been missing for a whole month. It was Carnival season in Jamaica and I got caught up. The good thing is though I’ve been reading like crazy all of last month so the posts should be coming in better for May ūüôā ¬†I’m really loving Tasmina Perry right now and have gone through two of her books in rapid succession. This post will be about two of her books that I read over last month.

Both Private Lives and Kiss Heaven goodbye features  the lives of the rich and famous jet setting crew and the hot

mess that they call life. London as a setting is feature heavily as well as hollywood california.


Private Lives

I had this book in my dropbox for some time now and mostly did not read it (or went in my dropbox at all) because all the books aded there was sent by the Ex and totally refused to look at anything that reminded me of him but alas, books are my weakness and besides, I wouldnt give him the satisfaction.  Anyways, the very first intro had me intrigued where in the very prologue of the novel a murder was committed.


The book then went on to launch into the lives of ambitious, driven entertainment Attorney Anna Kennedy, whose clients ranged from mego-glomaniac movie stars and super rich heiresses. ¬†When Anna fails to prevent a damaging story being printed about heart-throb movie star Sam Charles she finds herself fighting to save not only his reputation, but also her own. But Anna is about to uncover a scandal more explosive than even Sam’s infidelities. A party girl is already dead and those responsible are prepared to silence¬†anyone¬†who stands in their way. Not least a pretty young lawyer who knows too much.


Perry certainly makes you rethink the celebrities life and the privacy they are not usually given because of their status. Sam’s character as well as that of his girlfriend Jessica certainly highlights how celebs use the press for their own gains yet moan when things appear that they are non too please about. ¬†This book is thought provoking in this regard as one seems to wonder just how do you gage the correlation between private lives and what the public is entitled to know about their lives since they are the ones that put themselves out there in the firt place.


Kiss Heaven Goodbye

I may have read the books out of sequence since Kiss heaven goodbye was published before private lives. The books are similiar in so far as it deals with celebrities and how far they would go to keep their lives private. In Kiss heaven goodbye four friends as teenagers witnessed what they believe to be a murder on a private island, Angel Cay in the Bahamas and it influenced all their lives going straight into adulthood until the very last page of the book when the mystery was solved.

The Book began in present day giving the reader an insight that something had already happened and this was to be be the gran finale of it all.  Perry then bring us back to when the main characters were just teenagers on the brink of graduating college and on an island to celebrate this big milestone.  Myles and Grace Ashford, Alex Dolye and Sasha Sinclair witnessed something terrible on the very last day of the vacation that they could not erase from their mind even long after they have become major movers and shakers in their respected fields. Miles Ashford, the Billionare playboy with a raging temper start his business from the ground up and little after took over Ashcorp, the family business. Grace, his sister ran as far away, physically, as she could, met her husband, ran some more to south America, had children  only to come back when the marriage did not work out. We get to witness the struggles of Sasha sinclair before she became the most sort after and somewhat pioneer stylist and director of a fashion company she had the insight to start. perhaps the one who was affected the most was Alex Doyle, the musician who turn to drugs to numb and mask his pain for many many years.

Like Private Lives, this book is long but the way Perry was able to weave the stories of each individual it didnt feel that way while reading. instead you get this need to know what happened to the characters even long after the book is finish. I read these books about a month ago and still able to recollect almost everything about it. 

in a nutshell…They are quite memorable.

RATINGS:  7.5/10