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The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

still is, The most powerful, simple story I have ever read.

Reading Coelho allows me this feeling of peace and a burning desire to go out and achieve ALL that you want at the same time.  

This was a one night-stay-up-and-finish-it book for me.  Santiago is everyone in life. Having a dream, putting it out there by sharing, taking a leap of faith to have that dream come true. 

Decoding Santiago and the Englishman.

An aspect of the book which truly resonates with me was the introduction of the Englishman. Both are on the same path to find two different treasures. For Santiago, It was to find all the gold and riches at the foot of the pyramids but for the Englishman it was to find the Alchemist who would teach him to transform any metal into Gold.

The Englishman was introduced at the crossing of the Sahara dessert. Throughout the journey we learn of the Englishman’s past, how is it he is so far away from home and what he wished to find at the end of his journey. Both characters are so different but so similar. Whereas the Englishman stuck to his books and interacted with no one, Santiago questioned and learned stories of the fellow travelers outside of what any book could’ve taught him. Both discovered they rely on ‘Urim and Thummim’ one night and kinship was formed.

let me explain this quickly. Urim and Thummim in actuality are just stones. To both Santiago and the Englishman they represents motivational stones, something that propels them on to realize their personal legends. Urim and Thummim represents our inner most desire to give up control and decision making. You know; let me just rub on these stones and make a decision, if it sparks I go left, if it doesn't spark I go right. sounds familiar? Of course, to us these doesn't need to be stones. It could be a flower. plucks a petal- he loves me. plucks another petal-He loves me not... you see where this is going right? yes? OK moving on.

We both believe in Omens so, I now value your opinion. What ensued was an exchange of methods of learning. Santiago read the Englishman books, He interacted with the travelers, learned about the weather from the stars and paided attention to the night and the stillness of it. When they got to the Oasis however it was Santiago the Alchemist send for and even in his years of studying the great masters and reading all the books the Englishman was still not ready (as deemed by the Alchemist) to receive his treasure. Becoming an Alchemist.

unfair you would think. You and a friend both on a similar path but with different goals and just when you’re at the pinnacle of getting just what you wanted it is awarded to your friend. Your friend, who did not even want that to begin with. Where is the justice in that. Is it fair you will ask? Why even bother you will say.  But, are you asking the right questions? making the right statements. What if, you ask instead; Does this mean I haven’t yet realize my personal legend? Is it that my personal legend is something greater than what I had imagined for myself? What if we push through and push pass the setbacks, the difficult times and go and get what is truly ours. When you are where you truly aught to be and doing what you want to be doing then and only then should you be contented and rest.

The overall premise of the book; 

A boys’ journey and determination to to go all the way to the finish line even when faced with difficulties and delay is the true motivation. Urim and Thummim.

What truly had me though was the message. Not so much of the journey but the message of perseverance, the message of coming full circle. The message of whatever it is you are searching for in this world, you already have it. Your treasures are within you if you only take a closer look. 


No point in rating something that is so truly amazing.