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The Boots My Mother Gave Me- Brooklyn James

There’s only one thing that is better than free books and that’s free food, but, alas, that is not what this blog is about.  So can you image my excitement when I visit amazon and change my search from lowest to highest (in the price category) and discover that you can actually get books for $00.00-translation-FREE. Then I thought, surely, these books must be totally crap, until I started reading this one…

Brooklyn James breakthrough Amazon and coming of age title is an entertaining, fun summer read with just enough adventure to make you want to always turn the page to see whats next for the girl in her mother’s boots.

Harley Lebeau (yes, I noticed she has the same name as the bike)  is set on moving away from her abusive household upon graduating from high school and no one will able to stop her, not even the feeling of guilt of leaving her little sister or her desire to be with her high school sweetheart Jeremiah.  so Harley pack up her old car and took to the streets. On the journey, she work several places, met some great and not so great people, ran into Jeremiah a couple a times and almost got married to an awesome guy. This a girl with big dreams but is country at heart and so whenever she is needed to make things right at home between her alcoholic father and her doormat of a mother with a soon to be out of control sister, Harley abandon trip and journeys home.

The love story between Miah and Harley is deep and sweet and strong and everlasting. Childhood sweethearts. I always love books with a happy ending and James did not disappoint.  After all that Harley went through, James was able to portray her as such a strong, independent individual however with flaws that makes her relatable to almost everyone.

The coming of age theme is very dominant in this book but more so, James uses the space to touch on alcohol abuse and how it affects children in the home. While Harley wants nothing more than to forgive her father and move on he makes that very difficult even til the very end.

This is a great feel good  at the end of the day book where the guy gets the girl and things look up type of book. If you into those type things then this will be a great book for you.

Rating: 6.5/10

PS. Here’s a Link to purchase on Amazon. Though its no longer for $0.00 Think they finally realize that they were giving away a potential bestseller for free