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The Cutting Season- Attica Locke

I’m about 3 months late in posting my thoughts about this book and that’s because that’s how long it took me to read it. This is one of those book that you have to persevere. I’ve read 3 other books while I was trying to read this and only went back to it in between finding something else to read. nevertheless I pushed through and I’m glad I did.

I didn’t like Caren at the beginning of the book. she strike me as one of those high and mighty women and pretty much how her workers viewed her ‘apart’. When she destroyed the evidence I was thinking, oh ok this is definitely getting interesting and at that point I honesty thought, like the detective, that she had something to do with it. I like how with everything going on Caren find time to have sex with her Ex. lol. That throw me off especially since i thought there would have been more there, i guess the author truly just wanted to, throw that in there.
The mystery of Jason pulled me in but I feel as if that aspect of the story was not executed properly. I would have wanted more of his story since the whole cover up of the present murder was what reveal the true plot of the story, who actually owned Belle Vie.
I truly believe there was just too many things happening in this one novel. Is the author doing a story about Jason. Is she writing about the ownership of a plantation, is she giving us a lesson in single parenting (both Caren’s mom and Caren), these should have been major themes but reading the book i find these to be sub-plots with no real development.

I like this book in so far as something to read when there is nothing else on my Kindle or reading it for a review.

RATINGS: 4.5/10