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The duke’s dilemma (The ghost of Neddingfield Hall)- Fenella J Miller

neddingfield hall

‘There’s a ghost at Neddingfield hall’ or at least that’s what the departing occupants believe. Hester Frobisher on one of her annual visits  to her aunt Agatha at Neddingfield hall discovers that the place is abandoned, locked up and occupants reportedly disappeared into thin air. Being no damsel in distress, Hester is determined to get to the bottom of all this nonsense and who better to help her prove this than the heir apparent of Neddingfield hall, dashing soldier,  her cousin Ralph Sinclair,  Lord Colebrook, the duke of Waverly.

As trashy romance goes, duke meet girl, duke impress girl, duke rescues girl (in this case, physically), duke marries girl and Duke and Duchess lives happily ever after in the epilogue.  It is what it is.  A feel good trashy romance that you devour in a day (or less) and then go to bed with a smile on your face, putting your face on Hester and dreaming about being rescued and wed by your very own Duke of Waverly.

I love how Miller carries the plot of the haunted mansion and how even with as little characters as those being the occupants of the house, the book did not lag or became boring at any point. I had this book on my Kindle for several months now and I must say, I did not regret reading it through from start to finish on that rainy saturday night.

Go ahead and try it, it has some humor and its guaranteed to put a smile on your face right before you fall asleep.