Book Reviews

The Innocent- David Baldacci

This is a page turning, up all night, at the edge of the chair, cant wait to see what happened next kind of book!!

Baldacci takes the reader through a whirlwind of events from Morocco to Mexico and back to the United States.  My first thought was how similar the writing style was to that of Lee Child and his protagonist Jack Reacher. The protagonist, Will Robbie had his level of training plus a tad more, a precocious teenager and a love affair all happening at the same time. Grant you, I was able to spot the killer from he/she was introduced to the story-line mostly because of my astuteness when it comes to characters who are just a bit too much to be true and who normally would  not fit anywhere else in the novel if their sole purpose was not to be the ultimate killer in the grand reveal somewhere towards the end of the novel (whew! long sentence). What I was pleasantly surprised by though was how smoothly this was done and how Baldacci did not make this the highlight of the book but the precursor for the real climax.


“There’s always more to life than money, Will. Money is just a means to an end. It shouldn’t be the goal. Annnie Lambert” 


When the American Government needs to eliminate a threat to national security and to the nation- An enemy of the state- The man they call is Will Robbie. Robbie is a stone cold Assassin who has never failed a mission. From taking out drug kingpins in Mexico to executing Moroccan Princes in private airplanes surrounded by dozens of guards wearing full body armour, Robbie is the only man to call. All went well until he received a particular mission right at home in Washington DC. Robbie does the unthinkable and refused direct orders to take out the target making him a target of his own people. Fleeing the scene Robbie is thrust in the path of a precocious 14-year-old runaway girl from a foster home whom he felt compelled to rescue after learning that her parents were murdered he believed her to be in immense danger. The more he learns about the runaway the more he is convinced that his botched assignment and the killing of her parents are somehow connected in a grand cover up by various security arms of the government and people with immense weapons, resources and power.


If you’re into page turners, jam packed action thrillers, cant wait to see what happened on the next page suspense then this is a definite read for you. Baldacci will not disappoint.