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The Last Bride in Ballymuir- Kelly Dorien

This was a pleasant read and put a smile on my face as all trashy pointless romance does at the end of my very stressful day.  The little tit bit of humor here and there between Michael and Kylie was very endearing and heart warming at times. If you love Irish romance this will sure to put you in a good mood.

last bride of ballymuir


Michael Killbride, the proverbial ‘black sheep’ of his family rode back into Ballymuir after been away for a considerable period of time and rumors began instantly. When all the townsfolk turned against him because of an incident in his past, one woman dared to defied them all and stood up for him. Kylie O’Shea, the beloved school teacher and possibly the last single woman in Ballymuir fell in love with Michael, even if she didn’t know it, the very moment they met on his sister’s doorstep. When the town of Ballymuir almost chased Michael out-of-town and made his life a living hell, it was Kylie who stood up for him, all the time falling for him and him her in a way that both hadn’t planned for.

May your troubles be less
Your blessings be more.
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door.
-Irish Toast

If you like Irish Romance with a satisfying finish then this is a series for you. It continues with Mikael’s sister Vi as she too finds love in Ballymuir.

RATINGS: 5.5/10