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The Secret of Ella and Micha. Jessica Sorensen

Just because its broken doesn’t mean it loses its importance.

I loved the portrayal of young adult love in this book. It’s so pure and simple I would have weep for them if one of them had died or if the Love did not come full circle. The secret of Ella and Micha is not a secret after all, at least, I didn’t think so.

secret of ella and micha


We see a young girl, Ella running away from an emotional, traumatic event in her life. One that she could not deal with within the small confines of the small town she grew up. The day she returns however is the day she will have to face not only those demons but the haunting eyes of the love of her life Micha,  who spend everyday since she ran, searching for her. What follows is a young girl struggling through self discovery and Learning to accept love on a level that she had not experienced before and a young man determined to open her mind to those possibilities.

I love how Sorenson allows the story the story to be told from two POV, Micha and Ella. the reader gets a chance to feel Micha’s love for Ella through his innermost thoughts, not that he had a problem expressing himself.

I love you Ella May and nothing will ever change that. You can push me away-run away- and I will still love you.

We were also able to see and thus empathize with Ella with regards to her emotional struggles and her need to handle everything herself even when she is reassured over and over that she doesn’t have to. It gets pretty steamy at times but not over the top that would corrupt the teenage mind. The encounters of sex and drugs are pretty tame and Sorenson went the extra mile to basically highlight the ‘say no to drugs’ theme and also the stereotype of no sex before marriage/love, especially for the YA female readers. The writing style is that of a simple, uncomplicated plot with introductions of minor characters who in the future may be develop into another independent story.

A good recommendation for all YA readers.


For those who are interested the story continues with;

The Forever of Ella and Micha.