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The Seduction of Dylan Acosta-Nia Forrester


dylan acosta


When Dylan met Mark on a fire escape at a party she had no idea that her life was about to change forever. Mark was perfect in every way and to top it off he is about to become a Mets superstar Baseball player. They fell in love and a newly Dylan Acosta, wife of said superstar finds herself caught up in a world where the other wives smiles are as genuine as their breast implants. While Mark tries to focus on the game, Dylan try to adapt into the person that she thinks her husband want her to be only to realise that it’s all a game and she is just a really bad player heading for the hangman’s noose.

I love this book for the mere fact that, even though it is in my trashy romance segment it carries a bit more substance than most in that category. the theme of Family is very dominant among the Acosta clans and it adds so much more depth and meat to the book without taking away from the easy to read romance feel.

I would have loved for the author to have given a physical description of Dylan. We know that she is not white, or Dominican, she has a bit of curly hair but as to her ethnicity, that’s one thing Forrester didn’t want us to know for some reason. Oh, we did get a juicy description of Mark, that tall, dark, Dominican serious, disciplined dude who kicks ass on and off the field.  I loved how there were more than one high point in the book and it was not as predictable as I thought it would be when I started reading.

It’s a very easy, relaxing read. It will leave you with a good feeling even as you speculate how Dylan and Mark spend the rest of their lives together.