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The sins of the mother. Danielle Steel

I grew up reading a lot of Danielle Steel Books. I vividly remember reading ‘Loving‘ ‘Summer’s End‘ ‘Family Album‘ ‘To Love Again‘ and countless others.  I use to love how the women are are rich or marry ridiculously rich men in all her books but at some point get something so dear taken away from them, like say, a husband or a child.  While reading about their perfect family and lives, when someone died I didn’t feel that badly initially, surely this must be penance for being so affluent right? As an adult and reading with a more cultured mind, I realized no, this is not penance, this is portrayal of real life in the world that Steel know as best as she can. I may not be able to relate to these women but I am able to relate to their pain, their sufferings and their love for family.

sins of mother

This book read like the typical Danielle steel book. That is I’m reading thinking, what is the point of this book or I’m reading holding my breath thinking, who is going to die and when will they die? I read this book very fast not because it was a fast paced novel but because I believe that if I started a book I will finish it, no matter how terrible it is.


Olivia Grayson, the matriarch and builder of the Grayson fortune is on a mission to make up for lost time with her children and bring the family closer together than just one strained and uncomfortable vacation a year. Many of her children keep her at arms level while some do not speak to her at all because she spent all their childhood building an empire for them instead of bottle feeding and reading them bedtime stories. When the lost of the one thing that was holding the family together over the years, Olivia is finally given an opportunity to be a part her children’s lives proving that from something horrific can come the golden chance of starting over.


This is mediocre at best and by far the worst written Danielle Steel I have ever read.  The plot is amazing and stay true to her style however the writing was repetitious and dull. There was absolutely no high point in the book and it was flat all the way through. There was no anticipation, not even a tear jerked moment that I am so used to when reading any of her earlier works. I am imploring Ms Steele, please, go back to your former richer style of writing. This a miss for me


*5 because she is still one of my fave authors. the book is about 1/10