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The Write Escape- Charish Reid

I’m sick of dealing with men who can’t get their shit together. Between the ones who gaslight me and lie to my face and the ones who can’t figure out what they want, I’m sitting here looking foolish

Antonia girl, That’s exactly how I be feeling too, I totally get you.

This book was a joy to read. Without giving too much away, Antonia describes her experience as the ‘eat pray love’ for black girls at some point in the novel and I am inclined to agree with her. Author Charish Reid tells the story about a girl running away from an unfaithful fiance 4 days before her wedding and finding herself in a remote village in Ireland writing a book with a sexy English professor as her next-door neighbor.

Two things I really love about this book. I love that this is an interracial couple (Antonia is Black, Aiden is white) and I love the writing style. The former I won’t explain why I like that, just know that I do, the latter I love because she stayed true to her characters and did not make them into a stereotype. For all the years I have been reading the romance of Mills and Boons and Harlequin I have never once read one with a  black protagonist (At least not up to when I stop reading them several years ago). Reading The Write Escape I felt really good that Miss Reid was able to capture character traits that are unique to being a black woman. There are certain utterance that only black people would say and in the right context.

black Jesus, this cake is made with love…

…he was ‘the pull out king’ she had her doubts…her mother always stressed ‘only women get left holding a bag more expensive than a Gucci…

This is the cutest, Most feel-good book I have read all year (I have read 40 books so far).  Though with all romance novel you, of course, know that they will be together, I find that I had no desire to rush to the end. Instead, I was a little bit sad to arrive at the end and thinking, you know what. I need a sequel. I am not ready to let Antonia and Aiden go!

being with Aiden was like living in hyperbole. He was ‘the most’ in every way she could think of

10/10 would recommend you taking this book to the beach/pool with you. It’s a light feel-good book that you will be happy you read.

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