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This too shall Pass- Jettie Woodruff

I started out reading this book as one of those that I usually read just before I fall asleep. You know, the ones that you read the beginning, the middle and the end. Well, I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I had to bookmark the page on my Kindle and leave it for the Morrow for fear that I might rush the book and miss something good.  It turned out to be just a tad juicier than I initially thought, with just a bit more depth to keep you interested.


this too shall pass



This story is based in a small town and revolve around Alexis, her career and her quest to find and stay in love.  Recovering from a failed high school relationship, Alexis vows never to let anyone else near her heart for fear of them leaving. Then in came the dashing doctor, Cory,   who is determined to sweep Alexis off her feet and make her his.  Once bitten, twice shy and though Alexis became enamored with the good doctor her fear of letting go because of what some jerk in the past did to her is preventing a good thing from happening. Good thing the doctor is not only gorgeous but persistent as well (I peg him to be a Capricorn). When her horrid past finally catch up with her in the form of her high school sweetheart, Alexis almost destroy the life she built with Cory in one drunken stupid night.

A Decent read

I enjoyed Ms Woodruff way of building up the story and engaging the reader to the point where they are rooting for the characters individually. I felt as if I was there with Alexis in her struggles and her indecision and was so mad at her for that stupid thing she did that night.  The point is, readers will be able to connect with her. Whether they will love her decisions or how she handles certain situations is up to the particular person and their take on romance.

READ THIS BOOK if  you’re looking for just a little bit more than trashy.

RATINGS: 6.5/10