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Try a Switchstance- Phoebe Matthews

try a switstance

Yet another coming of age Kindle single.

The character of Elvy is one that is quite charming and tend to grow on you
throughout the book. The book describe in the simpliest way possible a young
girl going through life following the aftermath of divorce and basically
abandonment by said parents to live with her non-maternal grandmother.

This book is quite refreshing really.  Elvy is not a crowd pleaser or a popular kid but she is not a wallflower either. she’s just, there. though Elvy associate herself with the
‘bad’ boy in school, she didnt change herself to fit in or compromise who
she was as an individual. Enter boy next door. Total sweetheart geek.

For those of you who are too old or uncool to know (I had to google it too myself) what a swithstance is says its:

DEFINITION: Switch stance, or riding switch, refers to a snowboarder that is riding backwards, or with their unnatural foot facing forward. Because most riders prefer to have a specific foot (either the left – referred to as Regular, or the right – referred to as Goofy) in front, riding switch means snowboarding with the opposite foot in front. Therefore, a goofy rider would be riding switch when he or she has their left foot in front.


You would have figured therefore that this sums up adequately what the book is abbout. Try something different, completely out of your comfort zone. Being new to the neighborhood Elvy had a choice to be whoever.

This is an easy read for young readers and even for the young at heart.

Rating  5/10

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