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Waiting in Vain- Colin Channer

I’ve had this great Book in my sight from the moment I heard about it at Calabash (A literary festival held in St Elizabeth, Jamaica annually) from Channer’s mesmerizing reading. Somehow, it had escaped me throughout the years and it wasn’t until my vacation, Thanksgiving 2014, in 20 degree weather (awful for a tropical girl) that I came across it on my best friend’s Husband bookcase and like magic, I was once again caught up in the wave. This time I was determine to have a read. So, with warm socks, fluffy pillows, mega-stuffed Oreos and hot chocolate in tow I turn the first page of waiting in Vain and I was immediately caught up in the worlds of Fire, Sylvia and Ian.  

 Set in Jamaica, New York and London, Channer weaves a story about 2 talented young men who are so very different but who choose similar path to showcase their talent to the world. One more successfully than the other. One who conquers the world and suffer for it, The other steeped in humility and grounded to the core, conquers the world and went right back to living. Their journey of friendship and brotherly love explored. About falling and staying in love and conquering fears to stay in love. 

About how Fire, the protagonist, found love (he who is always with unavailable women) and how he waited for that love to come to him. desperate at times even but still he waited. 

About Sylvia and how she stuck to a certain status quo down to her Rich, highly visible boyfriend because it is what she thinks people expects of her.

About Ian and how he distanced himself from his mother, his family, his home (Jamaica) for years and returning home at last minute only to leave without his mother getting to see him. ever again.

About the passionate descriptions of my beautiful country my beautiful language and and my beautiful people.

About the lush sensuality and the intense connection between people several physical distance away.

And about Lust…lots of it…

Love without infatuation is not enough. Cause its infatuation that brings playfulness indulgence, romance. Love, on the other hand, is about patience and loyalty and, very importantly, nurturing that impulse to take care of someone and see their needs. So when you hear people saying, ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you’  what they’re really saying is that the infatuation is gone.  So yeah, they’d die for you; but they wouldn’t go with you at two in the morning to find a pint of haagen-dazs anymore.