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Witty, uncomplicated- Secret Diary of a Call Girl- Anonymous.

call girl

H is hobbyist a Hobbyist is a man who is an habitual user of escort services.

Full of definitions and slightly humorous. That is how I would describe this Diary of a former call girl living in London with a boyfriend (who is aware of what she does) and whose best friends are her four ex boyfriends.

This a girl who is not shy about anything, especially about her job which she doesn’t take frivolously. she is a professional to the core and knows the tricks and little nuances of the trade down to a T.

Of course like many in the Humanities, armed with a degree after college is by no means an indication that you will be employed, or gainfully employed for that matter. Life goes on right, bills to pay, groceries to buy, the rent, the utilities…and more sorrows. So, like a sensible young lady with pressing financial concerns and no immediate solution, she became a high-priced whore.

The book is a diary and not much can be dissected as it is or I refuse to dissect a diary cause its someones description of their day-to-day activity and requires no stretch of their imagination.  What I will do though is share some of her moments where I find myself nodding to or God forbid, agreeing with.

Apart from her being a whore an all, in some instances I found myself thinking she might be imparting some profound words of wisdom to me, take the following ;

A class act does not bombard you with whimpering phone calls to the effect of why you are out with your mates watching the footie when you could be choosing sisal floor mats with me? A class act does not take a break badly, or if she does, does so without so much as a peep. A class act is the silhouette disappearing into the night that you will no doubt remember but will never talk to again.

Ladies are you a ‘Class Act’? Do you form the fool and is a forever clingy and suffocating. If so take advice from this Ho. Do. Not. do. It. she knows, she spend more time in the company of men than most do.

Some of my favorite moments in the Diary were;

let’s be honest, this is a customer service position, not a self fulfillment odyssey. They are paying for their orgasm, not mine.

Good sex- In which you get everything you want

Bad sex- In which someone else get every thing they want

Holiday sex is the best. No one to answer to, no work, no neighbors, and if you’re lucky no phone reception. Pure sensation.

What is it about men who knows s seven ways to kill you with their bare hands who just want to be pussycats in the bedroom?

I am assured by clients that the price of a call girl is on par with the price of picking up a woman on a business trip. and she’s not likely to come round and cook your rabbit later.

I like this easy, descriptive, sometime laugh out loud, never dull account of the life of a prostitute.

RATINGS: 7.5/10